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I am a Canadian woman currently living in the UK with a young daughter; a healthy work-life balance is important to me. I have become a better team player with maturity, though my experience allows me to thrive in deep-dive challenges, pushing boundaries with innovation and personal productivity. I believe that style and design are important, however, I cannot help but feel better inspired with clear functional goals. Honesty and kindness are core values that I hold in high regard, though it is skepticism that keeps me sharp.

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Web Development

PHP, Apache2, Gulp.js, Sass, Linux, MySQL, MS SQL, REST APIs, ReactJS, AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, JSON, CSS3, HTML5, htaccess, XML, Git, JIRA, Bitbucket, Docker, SourceTree, Slack, Asana, TortoiseSVN, Apache Cordova, Google Cloud Platform and AWS

Marketing Systems

Hubspot, Pardot, WordPress, Eloqua, Broadvision, Alfresco, Omniture, Google Analytics, SEO

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Full Stack Developer

Jan 2020 to Oct 2021
  • Created 110 Shades and Mongoose & Mink's website with WordPress using custom themes. The first website is to sell liquid foundation and the second sells makeup and skincare.
  • Set up websites on a virtual server (Google Cloud Platform) with SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt)
  • Integrations were made with Delivery Net their distribution center, and ChitChat for smaller individual shipping where we set up the checkout process to purchase the shipping method through ChitChat API and emailed the owner the shipping label.
  • As I worked directly with the owners of the business, we discussed the best business plans going forward with technology and marketing. Ideas of how to spend money for marketing, the growing of their Instagram channel and making a presence on other websites.
  • Set up an automated email funnel - timed emails that go out when a user abandons their cart, when they sign up, and emails that go out when they purchase an item containing dynamic content based on customer's profile.
  • Created a quiz to find shade depth/undertone using branching logic and Tinder-like photo swiping
  • Google Analytics tracking and custom events were added throughout the website to see where most activity happens. Hotjar heatmap tracking was also added.
  • Custom promotions were developed for the website, including allowing influencers to sign up and get their personalized discount code they could give out to customers - where both customer and influencer will get a percentage discount/commission.
  • Created an interactive grid of the shade depths from warm to cool and light to dark which we mapped our foundation competitors to use as a lookup tool.
  • Coded a custom chat plugin for the Mongoose & Mink website using ReactJS
  • Created an analyzer that computes the average color of a person's skin from their photo to find their closest matching shade.

Tech: Technical Environment: WordPress, PHP 7, MySQL, GCP, Gulp.js, Sass, ReactJS, jQuery, Bitbucket, Docker, Slack, Git, REST APIs, AJAX, HotJar, SendGrid

WordPress Developer

Sep 2018 to Jan 2020
  • Worked individually and on a web development team to build complete websites for clients using a child theme built on top of the company's custom parent theme.
  • Connected to SalesForce APIs to manage send over new application information to the SalesForce system, WordPress hooks, front end development using Gulp.js, searching and filtering by words, categories and date range using JavaScript, creating custom post types, using ACF for custom fields

Tech: Technical Environment: WordPress, PHP 7, MySQL, Flywheel, Gulp.js, Sass, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, Bitbucket, Slack, Git, JSON, Bootstrap, REST APIs, AJAX

Web Developer (LAMP)

Aug 2013 to Jan 2018
  • Moved Great Gulf from Pardot to HubSpot, planning data integration with forms on website using HubSpot API to manage creation of new email lists and custom fields.
  • Implemented Pardot as Ashton Woods new marketing automation tool. Moved data from internal system to Pardot. Set up email templates, custom roles, folder permissions. Worked with data integration team to coordinate implementation of Pardot and Salesforce.
  • Part of team for website redesign. Imported old website data to new Drupal system - keeping current community and home plans intact.
  • Create new modules and pages in Drupal. Coordinating changes with team, adding new stories to Jira project management software and checking changes into Git. Reviewing and testing other developers' changes.
  • Moved websites from internal servers to Google Cloud Platform. Manage and maintain them.
  • Created web socket to communicate from tablet to TV in our design center.
  • Weekly meetings with SEO team implementing website changes to enhance SEO. Provide any technical insights or solutions where needed.

Tech: Technical Environment: PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, GCP, AWS, Linux, Debian, Bitbucket, Asana, Git, CSS3, Bootstrap, Apache2, REST APIs, AngularJS, jQuery, AJAX, htaccess, Pardot, Hubspot, Sass, Wordpress

Front-End Developer

May 2012 to Aug 2013
  • Develops new CMS templates, jquery widgets and custom web pages using HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, Java, FTL and XSL as identified by Marketing for both Epson Canada and Epson America websites.
  • Collaborates with back-end developers to update and create new Alfresco and Broadvision enterprise CMS pages.
  • Updates Java classes, jsp and xml files, prepares files to move to QA and Production websites using shell scripting, and investigates previous QA moves when QA website has script errors.
  • Works closely with Project Managers and other members of the Operations and Operations Development Team to both develop detailed specification documents with clear project deliverables and timelines, and to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  • Produces project estimates, including expertise required, total number of development hours required, etc.
  • Participates in dynamic priority setting sessions.
  • Writes functional and design specifications for third party agencies.

Technical Environment: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, Java, FTL and XSL, Alfresco, Sass

Web Marketer

Nov 2010 to May 2012
  • Analyzes quarterly website visits, top referring domains, natural/paid search and geo-segmentation using Omniture SiteCatalyst.
  • Implements Business-to-Consumer website initiatives, marketing and operations to provide Epson brand and product information resulting in sales and brand loyalty.
  • Collaborates with marketing, sales, IT departments and outside agencies to create landing pages, tracking codes for campaigns, vanity URLs, and banners on time and budget.
  • Ensures consistency of overall look and feel, branding, navigation, and usability to ensure optimal website experience for the customer.
  • Manage POs, accruals, execute product road map and update site using Alfresco CMS templates.

Sr. Web Designer

Feb 2006 to July 2009
  • Many people will remember in its infancy with it's black and white theme. I designed and implemented an update to their style which was navy blue with yellow hightlights including a redesign of their logo which is used still used today. Currently the yellow hightlights have been replaced with white.
  • Employed as XE's sole in-house and then senior web designer, redesigning and coding websites and online applications for the online currency exchange company.
  • Designed and created marketing templates, call-to-action graphics, and interactive flash pages, tagging links, creating and setting up ads in Ad Manager, geo-targeting and testing effective ads and links with A/B testing.
  • In collaboration with the junior web designer, marketing manager and developers, enhanced and updated the website, optimizing graphics and code for high traffic pages, cross browser compatibility, accessibility legislation and privacy laws.

Technical Environment: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, WCAG compliant

Web Designer

Apr 2004 to Feb 2006
  • Managed Eloqua's email marketing automation software to produce emails templates, developed emails in HTML, application icons, marketing diagrams, PDFs, direct marketing postcards, Flash and PowerPoint presentations for clients.
  • Communicated project requirements, design direction and training of email software with internal team and over the phone with clients.
  • Documented new scripting and testing procedures for templates, best email technical and business practices, and reference manuals for first time users.

Technical Environment: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Eloqua Email Template setup

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Foundations of Project Management
University of Toronto
Interactive Multimedia Postgraduate Certificate
Humber College (with Honors)
Advertising Diploma
Sheridan College
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